Treatment Options

Pyrethroid Resistant Lice

No matter what you have heard, coating your kid's head in mayo will not succocate the lice.

Every year around 13 million kids will get head lice and spread it to their friends and family members.

How Do You Get Rid Of Them?:

A new generation of "super lice" are resistant to over the counter treatments including the old standbys of Rid, NIX, and prescription insecticides like malathion. Elementary and preschool children can get lice through head to head contact, sleeping in beds or on couches with lice, and sharing combs and hairbrushes. Lice are about the size of sesame seeds.

Home Remedies Not Worth Your Time

Super LiceAside from the aforementioned mayo, people think that vinegar, olive oil, and various other salad ingredients have an effect on head lice or their super cousins. Unfortunately, this just isn't he case. One treatment that is very effective is shaving the head, but this may not be an option for girls or kids that don't like to go around looking bald.

As it turns out, there are some prescriptions that are known to treat (not necessarily cure) super lice infestations. The prescription treatment Lindane is effective but may have neurlogical side effects adn isn't recommended for people under 100 pounds. Doctors still recommend starting with Nix and products containing permethrin and re-applying a week later. There are so-called Lousebusterswhich are like a head heater that kills the bugs and their eggs. An antiparasitic drug Sklice (ivermectin) is FDA approved for kids over 6 months.

How do kids and grownups get lice? Close contact, like hugging, is a big culprit, along with the sharing of hats, tiaras, combs, and brushes. In the colder states, jackets with hoods have become a popular spreading ground for the little bugs, and it doesn't help that your kid would feel like a jerk for refusing to share an article of clothing, then say "I don't want to catch your lice," to a friend. Lice can be very itchy, so you are probably gettin a psychosomatic itch just reading this if you are a cyberchondriac. The only way to really avoid lice, super lice, and 2014 Ultra-Lice, is to adopt the John Travolta Boy In The Bubble solution, but all those bubbles are probably disruptive in a second grade classroom.